Maxon Cinema 4D

The aim of this course is to introduce the essential concepts and practical application of CINEMA 4D. The practical exercises are intended to provide you with a broad grounding and how best to use the CINEMA 4D features. There are also useful reviews and answer sessions to ensure your understanding of the new concepts.

By the end of the course you will be able to use these essential concepts and applications to their best advantage.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Bespoke courses in Maxon software are available on request. Please email us to discuss your requirements or telephone either: 02380 970848 or 07703 379858.

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Maxon Cinema 4D - course objectives

Working in a 3D Environment
Navigating in 3D
Selecting & Positioning Objects
Creating Primitives
Creating Splines
Creating Spline Primitives
Creating NURBS Models
Booleans, Symmetry & Instances
Extrude, Bevel & Mirror
Basic Materials
Building Hierarchies
Basic Lighting & Cameras
Rendering Images & Basic Animation
Importing, Merging & Replacing Scenes
File Management & Saving files

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Maxon Cinema 4D